3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map Urban

3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map

3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map Urban

3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map Urban

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PERKS material: top quality fiberboard  default language: English thickness: 6 - 12 mm (0.23''- 0.47'') all geographical names, lakes and rivers are printed  the Map is not a geographical one, it's a decoration item: some small countries and islands may be omitted due to the scale issue IN THE BOXMap pieces including...
  • Urban


  • Cappuccino


  • Mystery


  • Physical


  • Boho


  • 100x60 cm M
  • 150x90 cm L
  • 200x120 cm XL
  • 300x175 cm XXL
  • Luminous
  • Magnetic
  • Luminous + Magnetic
LUMINOUS option: how does it work? Stores energy during the day, glows in the dark for up to 2 hours. All thanks to the magic paints which are totally non-toxic.
MAGNETIC option: how does it work? The Map literally draws you in thanks to its fully magnetic surface. Place your pins and lightweight magnets effortlessly right on top.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve chosen to order your 3D Luminous Wooden World Map, congratulations! It will definitely bring you joy. For a WOW user experience, please check if Luminous and/or Magnetic options work well before installing the Map on the wall. To make sure the Luminous coating does its job, please direct the light of the flashlight to a particular piece of the Map for 30...60 seconds, then check if its surface glows (it’s easier to define that in the dark). To make sure the Magnetic coating holds the magnet, try to stick it to a particular piece of the Map. But please remember: the Map doesn’t hold regular or heavy magnets, only lightweight ones (magnetic pictures, lightweight magnets and pins).

material: top quality fiberboard
 default language: English
 thickness: 6 - 12 mm (0.23''- 0.47'')
 all geographical names, lakes and rivers are printed
 the Map is not a geographical one, it's a decoration item: some small countries and islands may be omitted due to the scale issue

Map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats & compass, double-sided sticky tape, instruction, corner stencils, lifetime warranty.

 handcrafted in Ukraine
 international patent
 lifetime warranty
 guaranteed shipping
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Frequently Asked Questions

Use of non-toxic luminescent paint - special coating that stores up the light during the day, or after a prolonged exposure to a powerful source of light (artificial or natural). The Map will glow for up to 2 hours, depending on how long it was exposed to light. To start glowing the Map needs to be exposed to the light for at least 12 hours.
Our Maps will glow brighter if they were placed in direct sunlight or exposed to a powerful LED light before the dark time of the day comes. The darker it is in the room the brighter the Map will show its glow. Thus, to make the maximum use of your Map’s brightness you need to keep your blinds or curtains up during the day and down at night.
We use a special coating that contains metal and latex particles mixed together. This coating gets applied over the printed image, together with the protective layer of finish.
Rule of thumb - the more metal the surface has, the stronger the magnet will stick to it, and the larger the object it can hold, will be. Since our Maps are not metal, and the coating has a fairly small amount of ferro mixtures in it to help keep the coating transparent, you need to consider how heavy is the décor you are putting up. We recommend using lightweight magnets only, like magnet pins or magnetic pictures.
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