We are Enjoy The Wood — a Ukrainian family-owned brand,

which produces handcrafted wooden accessories at our own manufacture.

We make things that inspire to travel, learn and explore!

From the first cut, to the last swipe of the brush, we enjoy the process through and through.

Our World Wooden Maps are not just something nice that you put on your wall, it’s about the journey that each of us takes, important and unique, no matter how big or small.

Our founder Igor Fostenko has come a long way, from a homeless teenager to a successful business-owner, a husband and a father of four. His family’s story is a testimony of what determination, willpower and faith can do. Enjoy The Wood is exactly that — a unique story.

We create customizable products of the highest quality that adorn your homes, offices and lives. Since 2014 we’ve sent our Wooden Maps to over 100 000 customers worldwide, hope you become one of them.

Tell your own story with Enjoy The Wood!