13 Oct

What a modern office should look like

5 things that can not be left out, on the example of Enjoy the Wood

We spend at least 8-9 hours a day at work — the most of our active time. Therefore, it is extremely important that the employer provides us with decent working conditions, sources of inspiration and opportunities for rest.

Enjoy the Wood are experts in creating cozy interiors and atmosphere — no matter in the office or at home.

When they were designing wooden maps and other unusual products, they made sure that the latter fit into any environment. That's why we asked them to share with us the things to take into account when setting up an office.


During the pandemic, this aspect, of course, comes first.

This year safe distance, hand sanitizers and masks have become an invariable attribute of any office. Security measures during the pandemic cannot be ignored.

"We care very much about the health and well-being of our employees. To prevent the transmission of the virus, we carry out daily wet cleaning, airing several times a day and disinfect all surfaces with antiseptics. All employees are provided with disinfectants in the office and keep a safe distance."




Environmental friendliness

Given the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Course and the state of Ukraine's environment, no business can ignore the environmental issues. Among the environmental practices that are available to any office today are the use of environmental materials in the interior furnishing, waste sorting, banning single-use utensils.

You can do this today, no need to wait for some legislative changes or other incentives.

"We try to save natural resources, but we still have room to grow. We’ve already switched to reusable straws, hand over all batteries for proper disposal and are going to sort all our waste in the nearest future."


Enjoy The Wood has also launched a major initiative to plant new trees. The company allocates funds from the sales of its products and buys trees for them. In total, Enjoy The Wood plans to plant 12,000 trees by the end of 2020. According to the company's representatives, it is very inspiring for their employees, who are proud that their work also helps to improve the environment of our country.


Working atmosphere

“Work now, play later.”

After all, the main thing we come to offices for is work. Despite the need to create a positive atmosphere, first and foremost, it should promote the work process, not distract from it.


"In the previous office we had open space — it was an interesting experience. But the team has grown, and we now have to "bury" everyone in the offices."

The new office of Enjoy the Wood has three work rooms. Each of them has its own name: "Act" — for top managers; “Dream”, where managers work and "Inspire" — for marketers. Although there is a division by departments, there is a common table inside each room, so employees can share information and tasks while working.

If an employee needs to perform a super-difficult task that requires extra concentration, he or she can use one of the small meeting rooms with warm light and soft chairs to focus on the task.

"We want to maintain a balance between productive work and comfort of employees. Thus, we have arranged our office so that employees are not distracted from work during the process, but still can enjoy special work-free areas to rest and recharge in-between."




“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Make sure your employees have a break from the routine now and then and can refresh their brains. A cool leisure area is the key to having happy and productive workers.



"A huge hall in our office is the main area for relaxation and our daily meetings."

There is a comfortable sofa where employees can relax for a few minutes, as well as a football table for tournaments between employees.

"We often hold mini-lotteries in the hall, where we give away various prizes to the workers."

There is also a room called "Charge" — it’s our kitchen with a coffee maker, which makes delicious and impressive looking layered coffee. Well, the “Relax" room is a toilet :)

"During such remote work, the connection between the people is pretty much lost. We all really look forward to the moment when we’re be able to get together again."

Sources for inspiration
Cool ideas come only in a favorable atmosphere
Fill the room with interesting interior decor items, posters and paintings. Get creative with furniture — it will help your employees to think outside the box and go beyond their capacities and work responsibilities — in a good way.


"Thanks to the introductory program to the corporate ethics, all of our employees know that they can be "eagles" or "ducks". An eagle is a person who tends to solve problems himself, look boldly into the future and act. Ducks usually whine, complain and do nothing. In our office you often can hear the phrase "don't be a duck", which everyone understands immediately."

Enjoy The Wood is always looking for new promising and enterprising employees, who want to join our team. 

Get inspired and create your own perfect workspace with Enjoy the Wood!