09 Oct

We plan to plant 12,000 trees during a year. Will you join?

Enjoy the wood launches a charity project to plant 12,000 trees worldwide in 2020. This amount of trees will help offset up to 3 million kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), which pollutes the planet.


Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, the most important of which is CO2. A year of ordinary modern lifestyle results in the total amount of 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Enjoy the wood is taking part in a Tree-Nation project aimed at stopping climate change by offsetting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This can be done if more trees are planted than cut. Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. One tree can compensate up to 250 kg of CO2 during its lifetime. By planting 12,000 trees this year, we will make a significant contribution to the planet's cleanup of carbon dioxide.

However, this mission is impossible without your involvement. This is a great opportunity to not only talk about climate change and harm to the planet, but to act.

How to become a part of the project? It is very easy  while shopping at EnjoyTheWood store, you immediately become a part of our challenge. Part of the sales will be invested in tree planting.  Thus, you not only get great gifts and décor, you help to stop climate change. Also, you can support our campaign by sharing it on social networks and among your friends. We promise to share the details of  the project on our site and social networks.

How exactly Tree-Nation works?

Anyone can buy a tree on the Tree-Nation site, choose a landing site and watch the responsible gardeners plant a new tree. The site provides all information about the place, the process of planting and the growth of the tree. Also, you can monitor every tree you buy, ask gardeners questions, and get a plant certification.


Click here to check how Tree-Nation works

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We are proud of our customers, and we believe that with your help we can achieve the goal!